Should I feel guilty? Is this considered cheating (in a video-game, not in a relationship)?

Before I started ma game…. there was an option which was transferin u to Game Jolt…. so I went there wonderin “hmmm…. perhaps there must be some items u can “buy” ONLY from there and they r not included in game…so it’s a waste of time to look for ‘em…. let’s give it a try…”…

So I did…. I went there and I also noticed an “achievement” list…. I clicked out of curiosity and I saw “54/70 out of trophies achieved”….. i’m like “huh…WTF? Since when dis game has trophies”?

I was viewin da list wid all trophies…both those u earned and haven’t earned yet…. whilst I was scrollin down ma eyes fell into an achievement where it was givin u a clue about how to open a chest…sth I shouldn’t do…I wanted to figure it out on ma own and now I’m aware about it how it opens….

Note I’m an anti-cheater and I consider cheatin in video-games immoral (even if I done it sometimes I should admit)….

It happened accidentally now…. but still I feel kinda guilty…

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  • Don't look at the trophies anymore.


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  • well if you are cheating yourself a person then don`t do it


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