Do you know your disney?

Finish the lyrics and name that movie *extremely bored*

hey now! hey now! this is...
Cause we are sisters...
falling apart. it's over...
there's always gonna be...
We're breaking free! we're...
not for the money or the fame or the girls...
and now im...
this is real, this is me, this...
we'll always bed more...


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  • Hey now! Hey now! This is Jackass and I am Squidward.

    Cause we are sisters and we can see each other naked all the time.

    Falling apart, its over, I can't get it up!

    There's always gonna be Viagra!

    We're breaking free! We're going condom free!

    Not for the money, or the fame, or the girls, but cause I am a man slut and I am giving it for free.

    And now I am down, with syphilis.

    This is real, this is me, this is Jackass once again and I am Squidward.

    Well always be more more useful than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest.

    • Thanks for the mho xD I am sure you had a touch choice choosing an answer xD

    • did it because gag bothers the hell out of you when you don't. but you welcome!!! it was really hard choosing from the thousand and one responses.

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  • Lmfao all those movies are horrible. I stick with the older disney


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