What excuse can I say to don't go to this trip?

There is this trip with the class in spring and I don't want to go. I tried to say that money was the problem, but sadly my parents want me to go to socialize. 😤 I can't say "because I don't want to", so something creative?


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  • Just go... good things happen to people in events that they eventually didn't want to participate in... trust me.. i know. Just go.

    • Last time I went to something like this I was bullied by everyone...

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    • It's not the same event, just similar, but the idea is that when I tried something like this I have been bullied by everyone. One of those bullies is now my classmate as well. I don't need any more time with her tbh.

    • Darling, bullies feed off of your fear/insecurity.. i had a classmate like that.. petite but would stand up to the biggest guy in the class.. point is don't back down... sure there will be some damage.. but if you play it off like you aren't affected by the damage... they will back off you. You not going on this trip will probably feed them because of your fear. They will just corner you later and be like you were a wuss for not going... just go.
      it could be a game changer.

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  • Period!!!

    You have a meeting with someone or something XD

    • How to plan something like that from now to the middle of March? 😂

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    • We have to say it this or next week. 😂

    • Your situation is so hard!!! Hahaha

      I'm like the queen of excuses but this time.. OMG XD

      Okay.. The only thing I can think about is money, you already said that so how about telling your parents you want something expensive instead of going to the trip?

      Try crying and saying you really really want that thing instead of the trip. Suggest something like going somewhere with them. Could be an expensive play or concert or anything you like and you can do with both of them.

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  • How about I don't want to. The truth is always better

    • Teachers never accept that as an answer. We have to explain ourselves. >.>

    • Well, there is a reason you don't right? That's your rationale

    • I dislike to socialize and I'm also shy and have no friends. What will I do there? Our form teacher says it's especially good for shy people to make some friends and blah, blah. 😒

  • I don't understand why you wouldn't want to go. That seems silly to me. It's a chance to get out of school, and visit another place

    • It's in the weekend if I remember right, so I would be out of school anyway. And I prefer school over socializing.

    • Wow, you sound nuts

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  • Say you have to study for an upcoming test that you need more time to revise for. You'd rather study than go on field trip.

    • I need the excuse now and that is going to be from March 17th to March 20th... :/ And we don't know about any test that will be at that time...

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    • But we will have. It's some kind of trip-camp-whatever and there will be kids from other schools, other cities, etc. And to spend a relatively big amount of money just to vegetate when I can do that home too?

    • I am not sure how to explain this but I'll try my best.

      Your parents are trying to teach you a vital part of life, socialization. You might think it's unimportant now, but it's going to play a big part in your life as you grow older. Especially when you enter the work force.

      It doesn't matter if your converstation with people is awkward, and you don't know what to say. All that matters is that you tried, which is good practice. Listen to your parents, I can't stress that enough. They are doing this for you sweetheart, because they love you and want you to be strong.

  • It is a day trip or some kind of overnight sort if thing? What are the activities? I'm asking to help you to come up with excuses.

    • I have asked our form teacher but she just said that everyone who went there liked it so much that wanted to go again...

    • No wonder you are nervous! There is too much unknown. I've got anxiety myself and I detest surprises!

  • Why not just try it?