Which gender do you think matures faster?

I always read and hear that women mature faster but I haven't really seen any evidence of that in real life, if anything I have seen the opposite. What do you all think?

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  • I think it depends on the person, how they were raised, etc. I grew up poor and I was bullied a lot for that and other reasons, so I learned to grow up faster. I relied on myself instead of others and I feel as if that made me more mature than the other kids.


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  • Society likes to think women mature faster and studies like to say that to but I don't believe either of them because in actual society I see men maturing much faster than women. I see women doing immature things all the time that men pretty much never do.

    • That's what I've seen too. It feels like women are less mature but society turns a blind eye to the immature things they do so they don't count as much.

    • Yes, that is the problem society does turn a blind eye to it. The down vote I got is just an example of that. When I was at university the guys were fine and friendly, the girls were immature. Did you know most requests for dorm changes are made by females so I hear. I also had women that made no effort to get out of the way when I was walking towards them and just walked into me because they did not want to be the one that moved, I saw girls gossiping about men, saying nasty things about them, scoffing at men, giving nasty scowls and frowns which is all immature behaviour.


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  • Women sexually and mentally mature faster. It's a simple fact. Boys soon catch up and big are about equal by the time high school is over.

    • I feel like they mature faster in a physical sense but slower emotionally.

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    • Again I have to question what guys you are hanging around with. I don't know many people who would think any of those things were that funny.

    • More so in high school. Guys were always slapping their arms to make a jerking off noise, always joking about "pitching a tent" or another phrases for getting a boner, mushing up their food on their lunch tray and being disgusting. I never saw or heard any girls doing shit like that

  • It depends on the person and what type of environment they grew up in.

  • You must be blind if you haven't seen it in real life.

    • Definitely not blind nor have I seen it. From a physical standpoint women no doubt mature faster but I've seen no evidence that they're more mature from an emotional standpoint.

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    • Again I'm just gonna have to disagree.

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  • Women mature faster. They also plateau lower.

  • the younger women that I know around here seem to be a bit more mature than the guys and often head off for school on there own when there like 18 so there away at college at an early age and then graduate by the time there like 21 or 22 . so they could in theory enter the workforce before they even turn 25 if they are good in college