Do you think being single your entire life is hard for some people?

I don't know I've been single my entire I've said it many times before I know it annoys some people reiterating this but I don't give a fuck or some people think I'm searching for attention approval or that im desperate fuck no I'm trying to get advice and get encouragement but out of curiosity how can I get help if I never ask or how can I receive help if I get no responses that's why I repeat myself it pisses me off when people in general judge me because the way I feel. I have every fucking right to be angry and bitter you don't know what I had to go through and you don't know my fucking life story!!

Entire life*


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  • It's natural to want to share your life with someone. We all need love. We thrive on a healthy relationship. I have been in unhappy relationships which made me feel more alone and lonely than being single, but I would love to meet a guy who I can share my life with. I have a lot to offer and a lot to give, but I'm selective with who I date because I never want to be as unhappy as I was before.

    I do do get tired of people asking me if I'm still not in a relationship yet, but it's my choice. They can't just my choice when they don't know my reasons

    • Well being single is just as bad in my opinion. I fucking despise it I mean it makes me feel unattractive like something is wrong with me or that im not good enough. Yeah sure some people think being single is awesome because it has "perks" on the contrary I don't think so especially 24 years of my damn where I never experiencedid a relationship it makes me feel like a loser like a good for nothing piece of shit even my friends think it's ridiculous and some people say "will your young" or here's another "you'll find someone eventually" when? When I'm fucking 50? When it doesn't matter anymore?

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    • I understand. I guess because most of my relationship experiences haven't been so good I've gotten to the stage where I'm content being single. Obviously I don't want to be single all of my life. I would love someone in my life who I can be happy with. It all comes down to personal experiences. I know people who jump from relationship to relationship because they can't cope with being single. I don't judge them in a negative way though.

    • We are all at different stages in our lives so have different outlooks

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  • No, you can live a happy life and be single

    • Well I'm not happy

    • Well yeah, it differs from person to person

    • Guess you should try picking up people on streets, look around for friends from friends, visit dating sites if you have too
      Consider all options, because it really seems to bother you

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  • from birth to 17 was difficult for me, my entire life would be torture, I've recently had to let someone go and the mere months are killing me.

  • Some people. To me, what's the point of being bothered?

  • I understand and respect you. I can imagine how you feel. It can't be easy! Life is so unfair..

  • At times I envy single people who live the way they want to.
    No heartbreaks
    not forced to do things you do not want to
    go where you want to go
    a lot of freedom.
    I think people or envying you are want to get closer to you if you make a change.

  • For guys it's harder for sure