Girls, If money didn't matter, what kind of car would you want to have? What would you be proud of? What makes you feel good driving?

Just wondering


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  • a Porsche 911 Carrera S in white, flashy but I love it lol

    • Nice choice! 😍

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    • My whole family is big into racing. I personally like road racing best but formula 1 racing is impressive. Drag racing is fun but for about 8 seconds lol.

      Guys look at you like a unicorn i bet. Like damn!

    • Yeah that's cool, my uncle and his sons are really into drag racing, the've got a fair few ANDRA trophies/awards lying around aha

      Yeah that's a perfect way of describing it ahah!

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  • A convertible... That's all I want in a car :)

  • A Citroen 2CV with rainbow stripes ^_^ . And maybe some fun patterns like clouds and sunshines and raindrops or something, I don't know. And it'd have a tape deck as well as a CD player. I'm a little hippie :') . I need better driving skills though 'cause 2CVs crumple like tinfoil if you crash them :/