Video: why would any woman be a Christian?


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  • I'm an atheist so he's preaching to the choir, but I wouldn't have related to this when I was a Christian. There are a lot of Christians who don't believe in biblical literalism and "cherry pick" more because the Bible isn't the foundation of their belief system, and so I think for them this kind of argument falls flat. They don't actually believe in those verses and it plays no part in the core of their belief in God.

    I also don't really like his approach lol. I'm more for videos in the style of QualiaSoup and others, who present arguments rationally and intelligently, without getting too hostile and overly-emotional about it.

    • While his presentation was juvenile, the message he tried to convey is quite clear. If these are "God's words" why are you allowed to pick what you like and ignore the rest because you feel it's wrong?

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  • Why not? Are u setting people up for a debate?


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  • This is so ignorant and all he is doing is "cherry picking" verses like people love to accuse christians of doing. 😏

    • Elaborate how Christianity does not tell women to be subservient to men. If this is the word of your alleged "God" and everything in this book is supposed to be taken without question as the ultimate truth, why is what he is saying wrong?

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    • I never understood that argument though, when people say "Well, that was the period in which all of that was happening". Wouldn't "God" create principles that applied to all periods of time, not a specific era and culture? It sounds more like it was created by men of that time to excuse their behavior.

    • Well fortunately for us both you are free to think and feel that way, and I am free ro my beliefs and feelings. Part of what makes the world so great. As I said, whatever it is that you believe, stand strong for it and I hope you're right. Good day = )

  • Not going to watch it, but by the guys shirt I can tell I'm going to agree with it.

    • His tone is a bit juvenile, but the points he makes are pretty solid.

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