What do you think about cyber bullying?

Personally I think people who get "cyber bullied" should grow the fuck up, people irl who get bullied in most occasions cannot escape the situation but online you can


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  • Yeah, i think that if you're getting bullied just go off the website. It's simple. You keep looking at the comments and making yourself sad when it's easy to just turn it off. it's not like the person is right in front of your face and you can't escape.


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  • Don't they send the bullied hurtful messages too? like on facebook or something?
    I think it's hard to say to 'get it over with'
    If you're being bullied irl, and than get reminded of it online everyday, the person might start believing that crap

    If it's cyber bullying only... I don't know. I'd say "just don't read them?"
    "just internet trolls?"


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  • i agree with you. it's absolutely disgusting.


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  • Cyber bullying is when someone you know in real life is bullying you online. They will do that by posting picture of you on fb or other websites and they will make mean comments. How are you supposed to escape from it if someone else posts the pictures or the mean statutes? Over and over again they will ridicule you and make you feel worthless infront of a larger audience.

    • no it's not. it's being bullied online, and I'm not on about people who know your irl I'm on about people who you don't know

    • They can still stalk you and find you on fb and other media and keep posting, even if you don't know them.

    • I mean like the people who say mean shit and can't do shit