Is it normal for a hamster to sleep all day?

Okay so I am the new owner of a hamster. And I realized that he sleeps all day and wakes at night. So its like I usually have to adjust myself in a way in which I can attend to him and even play with him any time after dark. Is that normal?


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  • Yes, this is quite normal behavior for a hamster. And this is because a hamster is nocturnal by nature. Which means, they spend the most of their days asleep and are active throughout the early hours of the evenung and at night. That is how they operate the wild as well

    • Ok thank you. Because I was starting to wonder if he was sick or something

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  • I think they're nocturnal. So I think it's pretty normal for them to sleep during the day. They like to run in their wheel at night.

  • They prefer to be active at night , how ever they will occasionally move about during the day

    • Put plenty of wood shaving in with them they love to burrow in it

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    • Yes it is good for their hygiene. They actually use it to clean them selves with. It sounds weird but it's true

    • Put the sand in a bowl or small dish and set it in a corner of the pin. They will use it much like a bath tub. I had a small night light in with mine so after it was lights out in the house I could turn their light on and set back and watch them play

    Yes it is perfectly normal, hamsters are generally only active during dawn or night hours.

  • They are nocturnal animals.


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