What is up with this "basic" trend?

I dont understand how this became a style. or how being called basic somehow sounds like a compliment to some people? if someone called me basic, i would be offended. being basic means your plain, you look and act just like everyone else, you have no uniqueness whatsoever, and your just a follower or whats popular, its like you really have no creativity and no interests. just basic. boring. WHY are some people aiming to be basic?


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  • I actually didn't know it was a style but I would be cool with that because that would be the nearest description of what I usually wear.

    • Just saw second part of the question - Why, probably a mixture of being lazy and not caring about what they wear - I just grab the nearest clean thing in the wardrobe, it is usually just a shirt, tshirt or polo shirt that goes with jeans.

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    • and i get what your saying, but like i said, basic doesn't mean just wearing the basics. it means keeping up with all the latest trends and then copying each other by wearing similar clothes and having the same style and the same taste in music

    • I get you now - Not too sure what it is there are just folks happy to follow the middle of the road trends and there are those that like to be on the edges of the road

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  • Because people like being white sheep or clones. They're stupid. They like relating to everything. Just as annoying as hipsters


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  • It's not meant to be a compliment. X)

    • well yeah i dont think so either, but i actually see girls calling themselves basic and being happy about it

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    • ohh but they do. its really really unusual to me. i actually know some people who will post pictures on snapchat drinking starbucks or wearing something thats really common to wear right now and then caption it "im so basic :)" its bizarre.

    • Once again, I'd just think they were just being sarcastic if I saw that. Oh well. They probably just want to belong and be 'in'.

  • I'm usually called
    "Devil worshiping whore" simply by the way I look
    So I'm guessing that's not basic