Why would an outdoor kitten follow me all the way home?

It is winter but there is no snow a kitten/teenage cat followed me all the way to my house. Is it a federal/stray cat? There are no other cats outside. It might be a neighbourhood cat. If it is a federal or stray cat I might take to the vet and check. I find it very odd. There is no other cats outside it could very well be a stray. This is not the first time that same cat followed me allowed.

I want to take it home with me. My cat saw it and was livid. I am beginning to think the poor thing has no home when I move out of this small town if it is homeless I am taking it with me. I am an animal adovate and huge animal lover. I hate seeing animals out in the winter normally I never see cats in the winter but there is no snow out. It is fall weather.
I meant to say feral cat oops my bad.


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  • If it's a federal cat, it is probably on a mission from the feline government to either make peace with your neighborhood cats or it was just a feral cat that followed you because reasons.

    • I meant feral cat my bad.

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  • It might just be a friendly cat or could be feral. If it looks a little scruffy, slightly under fed and stuff it's probably stray. Be careful if you want to keep it though, sometimes people accidentally steal others pets like that haha


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  • Maybe it's hungry. Feed it!


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  • Aww it just wants company and food