A question to everyone who watched Yugioh as a kid. If someone offered you a high tech one of these would you take it?

I've been re-watching the series because nostalgia and was just wondering if you'd want one. I'm not talking about something that you could buy at toysrus or something but a truly futuristic high tech looking one. Personally I'd love it even though it would basically just sit in my room gathering dust

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  • Nah I don't want it
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  • What the fuck is Yugioh?
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@AnOrdinaryGirl45 you're question got me tonwant to re-watch the series so here's a question for you


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh My God, I'd trade my soul for it 😍

    • Haha right? I've been bengr watching it and remembered how awesome they look when they do that whole changing thing

    • I just love how when they put a card in, the light flashes. It just looks awesome 😂😭

Most Helpful Guy

  • sorry, i can't hear you over me forming Exodius :3

    tbh i was barely into yogioh when i was younger but im also a little nerd and would certainly get one if the offer presented its self, especialy good condition.

    and who does not want to nerd up their room with shiz even if you will never do anything with it, just having one for no reason would be cool.


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  • Sure why not lol! I don't need it thou

  • Oh my gosh, yes!! :D


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