Can Any Koreans Cook? What Asians are able to cook?

I live in Korea and absolutely no one is able to cook, everyone is shocked that I can cook things and assumes i'm an expert when they see my food.

The reason I ask is I don't even think most restaurants chef's can cook either. For example the Korean barbeque involves them putting a plates of food stuck together and you boil it in the middle of the table
like so

Can Any Koreans Cook? What Asians are able to cook?

I noticed it's the same in Japan too, I met chef's that can't cook either


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  • Well, we have different ways of preparing food in my country, so when I was first introduced to Asian food, I did not find it that appealing because I felt it lacks seasoning and flavors. However, by time, I understood the style and got used to it and realized it is just the style that is different, but it's not actually bad if try to understand the flavors from a different point of view. Sometimes you need to explore styles which you are not used to.

    I didn't find Korean food that appealing before as well, but I recently went to a Korean restaurant, and they actually impressed me. I think you need to visit a good quality restaurant to explore better options.

    • Restaurants in korea are absolutely everywhere because no one can cook. You're never further than a quarter km away from multiple. I've eaten in at least 80 different places. The point is the ingredients and quality can vary but the way to make it is all the same and requires no cooking experience beyond removing food from the bbq before it looks burned

    • Well, I agree that the Korean BBQ requires no cooking experience, and the dishes you have in your picture there are just side dishes which aren't necessarily tasty since they are added to the main dish anyway, but there are other dishes you can try. I went to multiple Korean restaurants since my sister used to force me (I didn't like it before), but only one Korean restaurant really impressed me. I liked the Kan Poong Gi they made. I tried it in other restaurants, but it didn't taste/look as good. I think if one can make such a huge difference in quality using the same simple boring ingredients, I say he/she is definitely a chief.

  • Erm, one thing I know is that they usually have a home economics class in most parts of Eastern Asia. My experience is the Philippines, and I'm going to say maybe they don't have the time to cook. Between Korea and Japan, I think most people are busy with their work and focus more on that than having the time to cook. Not unless they're still in a family setting. My friend is Japanese and he doesn't seem to cook very much. He usually gets the bento boxes in the convenience stores if he doesn't have time.

    • I noticed in Japan and Korea, they tend to just eat Ramin microwave noodles for food or rice cakes for lunch. I'd say the philippines is an exception to the rule though. generally most Asian countries can't cook

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    • Not even parents know how to cook or their grand parents. Literally everyone eats out

    • Oh, well then. I have no idea 😁

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  • *gasp*... korean restaurants have tricking us all along!!!