Help me please?

okay so i got sick and my doctor said im contageous for 4 days and he didn't say dont go to school but i told my parents i can't go to school, i had a test today and told my friend to tell the teacher im sick but he told the teacher i won't be at school for the week and im worried my teacher will fail me on the test, my parents called the school and told them im sick but would i need a doctors note? would a doctor give me a doctors note? im in highschool


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  • Of course the doctor would give you one, he would understand that you can't come to school because your sickness is contagious.


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  • Yes if you can provide a Dr note most teachers will allow a make up test. Get the note to ensure less problems when you return to school

    • will the doctor give me the note? or do i have to be majorly sick?

    • If he stated you would be contagious , it is an unspoken condition that you stay home in order to prevent the spread of what you have. It should be easy enough to get the note

    • thanks but my mom is being a dick and wants me to go

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