Seeing someone active on FB messenger?

Is it something to wonder or worry about when someone tells you good night, but then an hour later you can see they've been active on Facebook messenger?

I'm trying not to be paranoid but the last guy I was with would do this, and he ended up cheating on me (not that it has anything to do with fb). But now I'm scared when I see this new guy doing it...
Why tell me good night and then stay up and talk to other people?


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  • It can honestly just mean they checked FB with their phone. a lot of people scroll then put the phone down and pick it back up to look a few minutes later out of curiosity. It's a mild Facebook addiction. Or a habit of checking frequently. Even if they're not talking to anyone and trying to sleep. Don't take it personally even if they really active.


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  • It says my boyfriend always active on facebook when he's not, if whoever you're talking to is logged in on a phone it could be possible that it says he's online longer than he actually is


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  • I wouldn't make anything of it. He probably just ran out of things to talk to u about for the moment. No worries. Unless he specifically said he was gonna sleep now. Then I'd call him on it. But I still don't think he's cheating. IF he would cheat and I stress IF! I'm sure he'd be more careful than that


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