Girls, How often are you sad?

How often?


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  • Um, this is a difficult question for me. I have depression so I'm prone to being sad a lot, though some weeks are worse than others. If I'm being truthful and it's a relatively normal week (as normal as life gets), then I'd say maybe once every other day. By sad I mean a sad feeling washes over me and is usually gone within a few minutes. If you're talking a full blown breakdown kinda sad, then probably once every two weeks or so. It's not on a fixed schedule, so it would be hard to say in any case.

    • Why do you get sad? Does anything cheer you up?

      Don't you think life is too short for that?

    • I've had people ask me why I'm depressed, what brings it on, etc... and my only answer is this: not a lot of people with depression know exactly why they are sad, in truth the most minor thing can set off a sort of chain reaction and cause you to be sad. I have my theories and have some ideas as to what triggers negative feelings in me, but no real definite answer. I find what makes me sad is people screaming at others, thinking about financial problems, hearing people put me down (especially when it's family doing it) & stress. Listening to music usually cheers me up, same with writing stories, reading books, going for walks to think, and helping others.

      Of course I think life is too short to be sad, but it's extremely hard to avoid the impending negative emotions that often times will cloud my judgment. It's a fight I sometimes need to deal with daily while other times can go weeks.

  • not often. I get angry much more easily than sad.

  • a couple of nights a week ill have a good cry by myself and then move on lol. how often are u sad?

    • What do you cry about?

    • Family issues, persistent feelings of inadequacy, worries concerning the future. Normal stuff.

    • Why do you feel inadequate?