Should I Travel by myself or should I bring people with me?

Hello I want to travel and see things in the world, but I would like to go by myself and maybe do something that will let me to be in a group or live with people or at someones house for a week or a few days. I have found some websites where I can do this in the united states and in other countries. I would like to go by myself because I always go with other people and sometimes, I can't really go to places I would like or people freak out and I want to enjoy myself not be stressed on vacation. I would also like to bring people but I don't have that meny friends or family members that would go with me, I have no female cousins that are availible to go with me, and I don't want to bring guy cousins, that would be weird I think, anyway. Plus most of the websites are for younger people and some of my family members are to old to come with me. My sister won't go because she's busy and has her own life now. I need to go by myself, maybe I will be out of my shell and have some fun.


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  • I'll tell you something the best vacations I ever had has been when I've travel by myself you can do whatever you want and not ask permission or asked if they would like to do... I think you should travel by yourself you will enjoy it way more plus you can meet new people wherever you're traveling who will help you in your vacay.


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  • Back in the day that wouldn't have been such a big deal. But with so many threats world wide it wouldn't be very safe to go to certain areas alone. I can't really say that traveling with others would affect this senerio all that much. If you choose to do this you could try to pre arrange lodging and some activities so you can possibly avoid areas that could cause unwanted confrontations with undesirable people

    • Yes I found Contiki tours they have stuff around the world and in America. They also have Air bud or something like that where you stay at someone home or really cool apartment for a week or a couple days like during the summer or something.

  • I think going by urself could be awesome. Freedom to do whatever u wanted with no worries what anybody will think. Just be sure to carry some pepper spray or something. can't be too careful

    • Yes expecually with all the crazy going on in the world, i just want to not be scared and just do something fun and see things, I have always wanted to see, before people brake it.

    • Haha so true. I say go for it. I never had a chance to travel the world or even the country. I would've gone in a heartbeat had I been given the chance. Probably would've gone alone too. I like being alone n having freedom

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