My long distance girlfriend is an equestrian, how can I get some more knowledge regarding horses and equestrianism as a whole?

Hello, as the title says my girlfriend is an equestrian and I want to try (at least) to get a better grasp on the whole topic, as the only things I know about (male) horses is that there's two types: geldings and stallions, heh... I've found it pretty hard to find decent information on the web, I've only found "17 tips for dating an equestrian" and those kinds of things and that's what got me started in looking for information in the first place so it doesn't help.

What can I do? Any advice?
Thanks beforehand! :)

Also, what can I do to impress her?


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  • Go to the library and get some books about horses, or visit a horse farm yourself. If you can afford it maybe you can ride one.

    • like she said, just do your research. learn about famous horses and know about tack and how to groom. don't come off as a creep when you talk to her and just randomly bring up secretariat or something. just have some basic knowledge so you know what she's talking about

  • Wikipedia?


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  • You can learn shit online and in library