I don't understand my bf's actions. I hadn't heard from him since last Friday. Is he over me?

Before I msged him 30 min ago, I hadn't heard from him since last Friday (that's the longest amount of times I've never heard anything from him) and I try not to initiate every conversation. Strange thing is, the days before last Friday, my boyfriend was initiating conversations with me, sharing his passion of our fave anime with me... even texted me out of the blue at 2 am because he was so excited about what he learned from the anime. It was so cute. He had even started back calling me petnames. But then all of a sudden, that all stopped and I'm wondering what the heck happened.


I'm in a long distance relationship of 9 months. Naturally, we are no longer in the "honeymoon" stage, but we're still cordial to each other. As time has gone by, my boyfriend has been coming into contact with me less and less. He's just an hour behind me, so that's not an issue. He works mornings are an electrician but is on FB and Instagram like they're going out of style Lol. I go to college classes at night and am hardly ever on FB now days. He used to check in on my everyday throughout the day, starting with "Good morning babe". Now, that's like a foreign language, plus he doesn't really call me petnames anymore. We've only seen each other once in person. If I need my cell service to be turned back on, I can ask him and he'll pay it for me with no problem. I love him dearly and I believe he's the one for me, but his not keeping in contact with me is getting to me and has me wondering if I care more for him than he does for me.. IF he still cares for me. Did he suddenly lose interest in me?


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  • His actions translate to losing interest.

  • 1. He's hot
    2. He doesn't give a shit about you, has a lot other women to screw
    3. Time to get real


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  • He's not your boyfriend! He's a pen pal.
    Find a real live person you can touch on a regular basis to call your boyfriend.