I can text just fine but In person I am a tongue tied idiot?

So what's the deal here? When I text the opposite sex we usually have a good time. As soon as they call me on the phone or hang out in person, I become this tongue tied moron. Often when they ask a question I just remain quiet but I'm screaming on the inside SAY SOMETHING. Sometimes I feel challenged. Do I need speech therapy? Or something? this is interfering in my relationships. More like sabotaging


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  • It's called Introvertedness.


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  • it'd help when you find someone whom you feel at ease with. someone you trust or have same interest. exposure and be confident. Good looking people can also feel shy but when you know who you are, feel great about yourself or simply in a good mood w/o thinking that you might messed up, later on. just be yourself in short.

    • *messed up later on.
      i got confuse there, i thought i omitted some words. lol. by the way, could u pm me? thanks.
      anyway, i know u get it. thanks for mhg!


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  • that's just being nervous and anxious, i get it all the time and never understood how to stop it, so i just don't approach people and have stayed single forever. :3

    i know im probably not your type so talking to me won't be as hard but i got Skype if you want to practice, and talk about random shit. just pm me if you want to, but good luck if you don't. ^.^


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  • More likely it's shyness or a mild social phobia. Really easily treated with some exposure therapy (or slowly doing more social activities with friends).