What traditionally adorns the top of your Christmas tree?


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  • When I was younger, in a time of very little resources, it actually used to be a very big, shiny red ribbon bow handcrafted into one piece. Then in times of plenty, came the most beautiful star that my big hazel brown eyes had ever behold! I loved that star, it had a lighting system of it's own. Five wedged-like layers at the sides which shimmered in the darkness and transitioned into beautiful colors of the rainbow. It also had like 3 cycles of speed that would replay itself one after the next. There were times in which I became so drawn into it as stared on that when I looked at the time, hours had past with me in that seated or laying position in the living room, just looking endlessly. One fond childhood memory around this time of the year. R. I. P. my shining star. Selah


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  • Normally a star, but this year we have Mickey Mouse.


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