Why do girls always give me the cold shoulder when they ask about my parents?

I tell them the truth, they were junkies and crackheads, so i left and haven't seen them in a year, and will never see them again... I dont even do drugs!! Should i just say they died in a car crash? They always ask why i dont have parents, sooner or later...


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  • People judge people by their family all the time. I know how you feel though, my family is a little... Say... Out of the ordinary too. Personally, until I know somebody well enough I don't tell them anything, I just say we don't get along well or i say they live too far away so I don't see them often. When I know somebody better, then I'll tell them.


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  • Because girls are very judgmental. I command you for being honest but sometimes being honest doesn't pay off. You might have to make up a good lie. The girls are making the thing with your parents a deal breaker.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote.

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    • Lol... Mayb good enough for pity sex?

    • Lol yeah it might work that way towards the pity sex. But you have to make the story sound very convincing.

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  • They are judging you by your parents standards and think that maybe you are or will turn out the same, it's life that's humans for ya.

    • How would i prove that i wont? I've cut all ties with them and dont do any drugs... I drink a little but im cutting down on that... I don't know how else to show im different?

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  • They're judging you for your parents' actions, which is wrong of course. You just have to find a girl who doesn't do that.