Why do people keep talking about Trump being in the lead, but don't notice the 2008-2012 comparisons?

In 2008 Giuliani was in first and McCain was in 3rd on this day, and Giuliani had almost twice as much support.

Similarly both elections had candidates polling almost nothing surge up by the time voting started.

So really leading by a lot now doesn't have a recent history of success.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Because the media likes to focus on less important things. They report on the horse race regardless of the fact that the information isn't necessarily 100% accurate. But it sells, so they print it.

  • Then I hope in this case history repeats itself and Trump gets trumped.


What Guys Said 1

  • Trump is a POS human being. He himself is what is wrong with this country. Claiming bankruptcy to gain wealth, playing the system, and taking advantage of every possible person he can. Why can't people realize that allowing this type of behavior is what's destroying our country? I don't mind people making a profit by making good changes such as solar, etc... for the better good, but am I jaded to feel this way about trump and most republicans?