Should I have stayed out?

Right so bascily I was out with my old friends for a meal, the meal ended and I was walking home but I was stopped by old school friends who were saying "Come with us, come for some drinks" I kinda wanted to say yes but I was soo tired so I said no. The thing is I'm an Introvert, I'm recovering from social anxiety and I am rarely social now a days. I feel bad for not going out and doing the thing I always wante which was going out drinking with friends. I've always been intimidated by the big crowds and becuase I live in a small town seeing people I know. I just don't feel comfortable. How can I overcome this and do you think I made a mistake not going?


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  • I'm like you, but I sometimes force myself to go. You get more used to it the more you force yourself to go places.


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  • Im pretty much the same... I hate big crowds of people... It could have been a mistake, it could have been a good thing you didn't... But what i do to overcome it, is i think how i dont care what anybody there thinks of me... I live in a big city, so i will never see those people again anyway.. But just keep tryong to overcome it, people get over it all the time