I'm going through a rough patch right now.. would it be a good idea to go visit home?

i live half way around the world from my parents and my brother and lately i've been going though a tough time. on top of that, i just finished a 2 month heroin relapse. i'm feeling very emotionally fragile right now and it would feel so good to just go home. well, i guess it's not really going "home" its more going on a vacation. i just feel like i need to get away from real life for a bit...


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  • Permit me to say this and I hope that you understand but, your first home (i. e with parents, siblings and whatever other family arrangements) is always going to be your home. It doesn't matter where, how long or how far you go from there, it is a place of roots. And it is a place that always feels welcoming, reassuring, peaceful and comfortable as only there (home) can be. So I do advise you to go. And please don't look at it as a visit because you live elsewhere. You're going HOME to where it all started. Go on my brother, go and rest, reflect, re-up and get back in the race of life#MyTake

  • Definitely go see your family, you can use their support! :-D