So Star Wars 😀 Let's Talk about it?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that Star Wars is pretty good. I love the characters and I think the character dynamics are interesting, and the story is good too. The thing that lets it down, I think, is that the pacing is awful and the films get dragged out far too much and then it gets boring and difficult to watch because honestly, they did not need to be that long when basically nothing happens until the last 10 minutes.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I gave a 7/10. :D

    Solid, entertaining movie, and good fun to watch in theaters with an audience of other people who were also excited to see all the original characters (and ships lol) back on the big screen for the first time in 30 years. xD The visual look/feel of the movie was also a BIG improvement over the prequel trilogy. It gave a tangible, physical feel to the world of Star Wars again, which was a welcome sight. :D

    The movie loses some points for basically being a plot-rehash of "A New Hope", though. xD Also, for the future sequel, the writers better think up a damn good reason for Luke Skywalker being missing for most of the events in this movie lol (better than the quick, vague one given in this movie). Otherwise, he's going to come across like a HUGE asshole for going missing and letting happen all the bad things in this movie. xD


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  • 1. WHAT THE FUCK? The whole end fight was just... bad. Okay, the dude did get hit by a blaster, but come on. The chick has ZERO lightsaber or force training, but manages to defeat him? A jedi and sith trained by LUKE SKYWALKER! Had that fight made any emblance of sense, she should have been dead in 5 seconds!
    HOW? Because he's the heroine, obviously! It does not make sense! Worse plothole than the shitty shooting by the stormtroopers in the original trilogy!

    2. Her miraculous ability to use the force. Anakin needed extensive training, luke needed extesnive training. And she can tap into and defeat a sith on HER FIRST TRY?

    3. Noticed her blade movements in that fight? That's not controlled, that's anger, hatred. And we all know where that leads. But no, fuck the lore, she's the heroine, she can be as pissed as she wants without falling to the dark side.
    SERIOUSLY? she's an untrained jedi, with no knowledge of the force! With no knowledge o how to resist the dark side, a power so strong even jedi fear them and spend years training on how to resist it. By the lore she should have fallen to the dark side just as a rock sinks!

    Overal i rate this movie "hollywood" out of 10. It is technically high quality, but story wise it's more full of holes than a swiss cheese shot up with a 12ga shotgun! Seriously, it was BAD

  • Watched it yesterday, really good
    Got me excited for the next one

    But still... Anakin vs Obiwan my fav fight though

  • Star Wars? Where is our glorious God-Emperor of Mankind?

  • Kirk is better than Picard

  • I was nodding off through out the whole thing. I have to watch it agilain to really appreciate it.

  • I'm not listening LALALALALALA!

  • I liked the movie, one of my favorites :)