Has marijuana ever made you teeth/jaw or nose go numb completely? Was it laced or just strong as sheit?

I have had this happen two or three times i think it was laced with cocaine personally but from what i hear that isn't the proper way to use it anyway and supposedly has little effect. What else could cause the numbing effect? That song i can't feel my face is a song about cocaine and thats what happened. Crazy Canadian weed from sketchy people i guess lol The source sold cocaine and weed so its likely it could of been accidental.

  • Stong weed
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  • You are sketchy
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  • It was laced
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  • It was from drinkin and smoking or taking pill and smoking perhaps?
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  • Cocaine does sone weird shit and if there's some in your weed then you should probably find another dealer


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  • No dealer is going to lace weed with cocaine, do you know how much coke is?

    It's really strong stuff... sometimes, proper strong strong skunk can be like that.


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