Rick ross gets his album pulled from Walmart for lyrics about presidential hopefuls, but when Eminem said?

"I don't do this for dead presidents , I rather see the president dead.", no one had his album pulled from stores. Now this is what rick ross said: "Assasinate trump like I'm Zimmerman, Now accept these words like they came from eminem."

So why does one rapper get their album pulled for talking about someone who MIGHT be president verses another rapper who's actually talking about seeing the president dead? I'm going to get some objections to this answer I'm about to give but you all know I don't give a FUCK. The answer is like this if there's ever been any evidence that white privilege exists then this is definitely the evidence with this.


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  • It could be because Eminem didn't specifically name anyone. Where Rick Ross did.

    • This is what I was going to say. The "president" can be ANY president. But Trump and Zimmerman are actual people in recent news. Some could argue that "Trump" and "Zimmerman" can be anyone too but it's all technical legalese.

    • This guy isn't a president at all. There's no reason to act like he is unless he wins. And Eminem did name Bush in his "mosh" song.

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  • Hmmm... in my opinion pulling the album is unnecessary.


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  • Eminem didn't say Bush. Rick Ross clearly says to assassinate Trump. And Rick Ross sucks so thank God his album got pulled.

  • DEFINITELY not a situation involving privilege. Eminem never specified which president nor did he threaten to assassinate them. you could say you'd like to see someone dead, which is just expressing a freedom of speech, but saying you'd assassinate someone is a threat. Plus Rick Ross sucks.

  • I don't know. But fuck Walmart. And that's a great line. Trump and Zimmerman are both garbage.