Did this hug mean anything?

So today I was at lunch and my guy friend called me over. I'm not super close with him because I only met him a few weeks ago because he's a friend of a friend. Lately we've been talking more and more and we walk to the bus together. So anyways I came over to see why he was calling me and he asked for a hug. I'm not much of a hugger so I just kinda gave him a one armed hug and he started complaining about it. So I gave him a giant hug instead that lasted a few seconds to stop his complaining. It was like a joke hug. So as I was about to walk away he like stopped me again and was just like smiling and hugged me again but he was sitting down and I was standing so he wrapped his arm around my leg, which was awkward cause his arm was near my butt. It just seemed kinda weird to me.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It might mean that he likes you because I never ask my girl friends for a hug and when they hug me it's usually quick

  • Probably...


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably wants to get to know you yes, no one just asks a specific person from a hug who isn't near.