Should America make China the 51st state so we can get better access to Chinese food?

I am so sick and tired of Panda Express.


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  • ... Haha.. Are you serious?

    That's like asking the largest international bank if they want to be your emoyee.


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  • The western chinese food that they sell in western malls is NOT real chinese food. If you notice - there are no chinese people at those "chinese" restaurants. If you want real chinese food, go to a restaurant where all the clients are chinese - that is REAL chinese food - the stuff that makes you thin and fit.

  • It's fummy that you asked that yesterday because I literally had Panda Express for dinner the day before yesterday.

    And it's not that simple lol we're the only place with states and China is huge we'd basically have a second America. Not to mention I don't think they'd just willingly give up China and how do we get to/from their easily? You'd have better luck living there to get Chinese food. Oh and there's a possibility that you might eat a dog.

    • And I thought you lived in Iraq?

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    • Lol so why not update it?

    • Too lazy XD plus I thought where you are from can mean that you were born in a country or where you currently live.

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  • Hell no if you like Chinese so well just move there