My boyfriend that I have only known for a month asked me for nudes?

my friends all like him and he politely asked, but i dont think its a good sign at all. is it normal for boyfriends to ask? he's 15


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  • Do not send under any circumstances


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  • It is normal for them to ask, even if it is early in the relationship.

    But... i will tell u the following:

    If you are not comfortable with it, tell him you dont't want to do it and why. And try not to be too harsh on him.

    If he cares about you, he will understand and will not pressure you to do anything before you are ready. He will wait for u to want to take the relationship to another level.

    My boyfriend didn't ask me for nudes, but something simmilar happened. We got carried away and he wanted to go one step further than me. I wasn't reasy as it was early in the relationship and I had never been with a guy before.

    I told him I wasn't ready and explained why. But I also assured him that I understood why he asked me that and that I didn't think less of him because of that (he felt so bad after asking me what he asked).

    He never pushed me into doing anything or mentioned sex until one day, a few months later, I brought it up :)

    Granted that ur guy is 15, so he may not have as much self control as my boyfriend, but dont judge him before u know where he came from.

    • by the way nudes is a bit of a complicated subject

      Can b risky

    • If it leaks

      I advise u to get to know ur boyfriend well before doing anything sexual with him (especially nudes).


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  • I dont think there is anything wrong with asking. However please do not give them. Not after a month at least. or ever. That can be dangerous stuff. best to just say no, you do not like that. if he pressures you, he isn't a good guy and you will know you made the right call.

  • It's normal to ask, but don't give it to him.

  • Both of you could go to jail if you do that

    • child pornography? i know

    • Ok, so don't send him nudes unless you want to get arrested by police go to jail

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  • Save that sort of behavior until you're 18. Otherwise you're putting yourself at risk for criminal charges.

  • Don't do it pls