How much will you argue to prove your point?

How important is it to you to "win" any argument, or at least get your point across?
How much will you argue to prove your point?

  • To Hell and back, if thats what it takes
    30% (3)22% (2)26% (5)Vote
  • I'm in it to win it for as long as my nerves can takeit
    30% (3)11% (1)21% (4)Vote
  • Only the bare minimum of drama
    20% (2)56% (5)37% (7)Vote
  • I dont argue
    10% (1)11% (1)11% (2)Vote
  • I only like to argue if there's make up sex coming afterwards
    10% (1)0% (0)5% (1)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Look i dont argue for the sake of it. I dont care much about proving myself right. Some people and their 'logic' aren't worth the waste of breath, for real.

    However, if its a topic im passionate about and simply cannot excuse, or if im being provoked personally, ill get fiesty, and not the good kind.


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  • Lets just say on the topics I am passionate about I can not excuse it.

  • Depends on the topic but if i'm right i'm right GAWDDAMET!