Do you have any superstitions?



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  • I believe in ghosts, to never use a Ouija board because they attract negative spirits, and it's bad luck to wear an opal if it's not your birth stone.


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  • Yeah in pokemon stadium 1 and 2 for n64 when ever I would used an elemental move that could cause burn, poison, freezing, or paralyzes I would press Z+Ab cause I thought pressing that would increase its chances of causing a status elemental effect.

    • LMAO nigga I used to do the same thing (after reading about it on the internet or 1 of my homies saying that it increased the chances of it happening LOL) >_<

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    • I do similar with the hand helds. When I go to capture something I have to press A right before the rock each time. I like to believe I'm helping the success of the capture!

    • @azuregirl lol I do that too. I even press down b for that.


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  • Omg, we Tunisians have tons of superstitions
    - If you play with scissors your parents will fight
    - If your shoes/ slippers are upside down it will attract the devils and they'll pray on it lol
    - If you don't turn on the lights when the sun goes down it attracts genies.
    - If you open an umbrella in the House it will bring bad luck
    - If a pregnant woman doesn't eat something she's craving, her baby will be born with a birthmark in the shape of the food she was craving (example grapes)
    -If you walk over someone they might get a disease/or die
    - If you throw water behind someone before they travel it will protect them
    - If you see a night butterfly it means you'll have a good guest soon
    - If you give the floor a sweep at night the Angels will leave your house
    Those are just a few ones :p lol

  • Not really. I will believe when I see it!

  • Yes even if I know they pretty much make no sense. One is saying tabi tabi po before walking passed a tree.

  • So so many its annotons actually


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  • O sure us gypsies have tons of superstitions I mean I don't believe in any of em but my culture has em, some examples.

    It is wise to pitch a tent near a holly tree because it will give you divine protection (holy tree).

    To see a mule shaking itself, is a sign of good luck.

    A moth hovering around a candle flame, means a letter in the morning.

    To see a white horse in the morning, means good luck all day.

    If the right hand itches... money will be paid out.

    If the left hand itches... money will be received.

    A tickling nose is a sign of getting drunk.

    An itching of the right eye means sadness.

    An itching of the left eye is a sign of happiness to come.

    If a black cat should cross your path, expect good luck.

    If a dog howls for no reason, expect a death.

    If a fox crosses your path, an opportunity will be given to you, if he stops and looks at you your ambitions will be fulfilled.

    These are a few of our gypsy superstitions.

  • If I thought they were superstitions, I wouldn't believe in them, now would I?

    But I do believe in the existence of life's energy, in the form of our "soul"

  • Yes. Whenever you say that nothing can go wrong, EVERYTHING that can go wrong most likely will go wrong at the worst possible time.

  • Black cat! NOOOOOOOOO!!! JK nah