What's your favorite memory so far for year 2015?

for me it was a year of firsts. I ended up getting together with my best guy friend and he became not only my boyfriend, but the love of my life as well as my first everything if you know what I mean. Best part is we're still together.
I was able to see my godsons first birthday.
I traveled to a state that I knew no one or nothing there by myself. I went traveling to a state that I knew no one or nothing and stayed in a motel room.
I put crochet in my own hair for the first time and did such a good job, even my own mother thought it was my real hair.
I first became a G@G member.
I'm actually completing college courses without dropping out for the first time.
I must say I enjoyed this year, but I honestly can't wait for the next because I know within myself that it's only going to get better and better.


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  • Making out with this girl Cindy in a photobooth or meeting Shelby the first girl I dated this year


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  • Almost the same as the poster here :3 I got together with my best friend and she was pretty much my first everything as well. Still together and it's awesome. Oh and cuddling is just the best which takes me to the best memorie wich was probably the first time we cuddled and kissed. Hardly anything can measure up to that moment and the excitement and the feelings of the moment.

  • My son got a science award from school and he was so happy, which made me so proud and happy daddy :-)

  • For me 2015 has been a good year. My country became the best football country in the world. I decided to accept my haircolour (premature greying) and i lost my insecurity. Nobody died who i love (friends & family). 2015 was the best year since ages.

    • that iswonderful! I am happy for you.

    • I also made my GAG account like two weeks ago and i already met some nice people. I also started loving to shop in 2015 and found great clothes.

      I'm a happy guy, the only two important things that i miss is a good girl and money so i can buy my mother a house.

  • 2015 was a boring year, nothing interested happened to me.


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