What do I say to make her feel better about her uniqueness?

my younger sister is 8 years old and she seems to be very self-consious about her hair. we are African American females and i'm sure you know our hair differs dramatically from other races. There is many misconceptions about our hair such as they can't grow long and that they are ugly. Our hair definitely can grow long we just face things like shrinkage and coiling that makes it look shorter than it actually is. While many of us are transitioning to our natural hair texture, there are still many who perm which can be harmful for our hair and cause breakage. It breaks my heart when my 8 year old sister says that she hates her natural hair and wishes for straight long flowing hair because this is something she can't have without facing damage and breakage. I mean, there is nothing wrong with straight hair but it's really taking a toll on her. The other day she asked my mom she wanted her hair to be straight, my mom is kind of religious so she said that god didn't make our hair that way so my sister said she wished she was white. Sometimes she wears a scarf around her head and plays with it as if it's long straight hair. I told her countless times that her hair is beautiful and that if she straighten and perms it, it'll cause damage but she seems to not care at all. I know the media has a certain image of what's beautiful and what's not but I don't really want to blame it on the media but it's hard not to since we are growing up believing these things. I definitely believe our hair is beautiful just like every other hair textures and I don't want her growing up envying girls with the hair texture she wants so badly. I want her to grow up learning to love her hair and learning to take care of it and if this is done it can be as long as she wants, but it's so hard because she still young and wants to look like everyone else. What can I say to make her feel secure about her hair without making it seem like African hair is better, but empower her about her uniqueness.

What do I say to make her feel better about her uniqueness?


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  • Get a wuote iff the internet and say it to her


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