Taking antibiotics for a UTI what can I eat?

I had a pretty bad UTI and I am currently taking ciprofloxacn. They say to stay away from all dairy while on it... for me thats a struggle because most of my diet contains dairy... anyways Im wondering if I can eat a ceaser salad? There are no eggs besides in the dressing. Im also wondering if I can have any salad at all depending on the dressing. I looked this up everywhere and couldnt seem to find it. Thank you!


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  • Erm, not an expert but the dairy rule of avoidance is not related to you taking antibiotics but rather stopping the infection as bacteria thrive in dairy.
    If doctor says don't eat dairy, then YOU DON'T EAT DAIRY. Its that simple.

    • But my question is about salad? Im just wondering if thats mostly dairy which i doubt

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  • Eggs aren't dairy babygirl.

    • I know that lol but they say you also can't eat eggs...

    • I'm sure a salad is fine. Just don't eat a ton (:

  • Drink cranberry juice.