Question for Muslims: in a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, who would you support?

I was just wondering because Azerbaijan is a predominatley muslim country while Armenia is Christian but after the US they're also Israels' 2nd closest ally?

  • Armenia
    17% (1)0% (0)7% (1)Vote
  • Azerbiajan
    17% (1)22% (2)20% (3)Vote
  • Undecided
    0% (0)11% (1)7% (1)Vote
  • Not Muslim
    66% (4)67% (6)66% (10)Vote
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  • I don't care. It's not like people should automatically care because they have the same religion. They can do as they please, juat keep that shit away from me...


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  • I think I would support Azerbaijan, for the same reasons as you :)

    • I would support Armenia

    • Why, I mean, Azerbaijan is not related to Israel, the only reason why they are an ally to the USA, is because they are afraid of Russia.

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