Senior graduation trip?

Are any of you going on a senior graduation trip this coming May/June? I'm still trying to find a reputable student travel agency. I'm deciding between GradCity and S-Trip!

Has anyone ever gone on a trip through those agencies or other agencies? If so, let me know who they were and how your experience was!


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  • I graduated, like 13 years ago. I would definitely check with school buses and see if there's a place you can go that's not too far away. I doubt your student body has that much money to go someplace real fancy. Not a lot of them do. Mine didn't. We ended up taking the entire class to Six Flags.

    • The trip isn't for the entire student body, just me and a group of friends! No more than 6 other people.

    • Oh, okay. Well, however far the budget can take you I guess.

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  • I've went on S-trip, even being underage we still go to drink all the booze we want, but honestly it was so much more expensive than booking on your own, however it's less trouble booking through travel agencies

    • What vacation spot did you go to?

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    • How were the hotels that you stayed in? Were there a lot of students there? Was it worth the money?

    • They were good, but my other mates who were in a different school ended up being at a different hotel but it was walking distance and we all attended the same parties except for the hotel club etc. There was a lot of students because we went during student break! It was worth it, I had a lot of fun


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  • Strip oh man big mix of good and bad is there anything you specifically want to know?

    • Ill give you a rundown though, our trip was to punta cana the sign up and everything was simple and easy they send you all documents needed for your trip and actually give you a courtesy phone call to check up on the process, now for the trip itself we had a 5 hour layover in toronto which sucked but it wasn't completely their fault, the strip staff are pretty cool made good friends with a few of them, the food sucked but again not their fault the country dosent have the best quality, the resort itself was beautiful but they knew exactly who we were when we got there (inexperienced 18 year olds traveling abroad without experienced adults) this is where the problems stemed, they gave us the "party rooms" which were damaged beyond belief by previous strippers, they made us write our own damage reports beforehand to avoid paying for previous damages, the shower was cold all the time which was kinda refreshing being in that hot weather, our building was fumigated (bedbugs?)

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    • Ignore my last comment lol.
      So, overall, was it worth the money? Was the trip anything like how they showed it in the brochures/website?

    • And noone would acknowledge it as if it never happened, i told a strip staff member and they were shocked and told me they would go talk to someone and the next time i saw her she acted like she couldnt talk about it anymore, and at checkout they will pin you for anything to make some money (towel cards-30$ room keys-$60 damages-upwards around $300 for broken chairs, ect) i dont even want to know what would happen if you couldnt pay for it up front because they wanted the money right away. Other than that it was pretty awesome beaches and pools all day and raveing and partying all night i honestly say i had a sick trip regardless of how the staff treated us im sure im forgetting other things but thats basically the rundown

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  • I never been to one!