If you don't get the least bit jealous over your lover than that means you don't really care about them?

I know people are going to say jealousy is bad etc and it good that they arnt jealous but come on if a guy your with or a girl your with is hanging out with the opposite sex and you don't get jealous I see that as not giving a fuck or having feelings for the person. this guy doesn't even care if I hang with guys I've slept with and he's let me hang with a group of guys. I feel like he used me to make another girl he has real feelings for jealous because he told me to put his name with a heart in my Instagram bio but he didn't put my name in his and he would not take a picture with me either and he dumped me after I did what he wanted on Instagram. Thoughts?


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  • I think for me I consider every girl who doesn't get that jelous when their boyfriend is close or talking to other girl very lucky. Because it sucks to get jelly honestly.. Like for me I hate thinking the wrong way. i hate asking too many questions about that person I get jelous of.
    Get me? It leads to insecurity.

  • He sounds pretty fucking lousy. I'd move on if I were you.

  • Only jealousy which can't be controlled is unhealthy for a relationship.

    A little jealousy in a relationship is okay, because it shows someone is scared of losing you. It's nice to know someone feels that way about you. I'm flattered when a guy gets jealous. Obviously not the kind of jealousy which causes a person to be controlling and abusive.