Were Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner victims of cop brutality or thugs who had it coming?

Were Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner victims of cop brutality or thugs who had it coming? Were the cops in the right or wrong?

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  • I think they were definitely victims of cop brutality. They weren't all angels, which no one is, but they were unarmed and did not deliberately attack the cops, so there was no reason for the cops to be threatened or attack. There's definitely a bias with the media and general population as well. White attackers get the "they're just crazy" and don't get called thugs. However, while these men may or may not have been attacked due to race, police brutality isn't just about race. People all of all backgrounds are being wrongfully attacked by the police. Even non white police have been abusing their power. It's just an all around problem with SOME police. I emphasized some because it's important to remember not every police is the same.

    They were definitely victims of abuse of power (and racism in certain circumstances).


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  • None of these kids was even a threat to anyone, so I think the case is pretty clear.

    • The evidence in the Brown case would beg to differ (including the private autopsies).

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    • Look, I totally believe that many cops need to be charged in the last year or two, with all this crap going on (the kid shot 16 times or whatever when he wasn't even close to an officer, or the guy who didn't have his license, tried to drive off, and was shot in the head at point blank). I just don't believe that Wilson deserved to be charged.

    • @Anno_Domini Mmh okay... well, I can't really judge it myself. I don't think I've read enough about it. I just think it's crazy this still happened. I mean, didn't the police officer have a taser? What about non-fatal wounds? He could have just shot him in the knee or hip or something like that? Brown was shot 6 times in total. That seems more like a violence party than an act of self-defense to me...


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  • I'd say that the cops were in the wrong. I think that excessive force was used in every one of those murders (especially in Eric Garner's, where we have a video of him warning them that he can't breathe and being ignored) and they were definitely victims of cop brutality.

    • The evidence in the Michael Brown case pointed overwhelmingly to the fact that he was threatening Wilson's life. Even the private autopsies ordered by his family showed that he was charging Wilson when he was shot... and he was NOT a harmless little kid. He was built like a linebacker.

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    • I feel that the Black community would do better to focus on cases that are more warranted, like that guy who was shot in the head point blank as he tried to drive off for not having a licence on him, or the kid who was shot 15 or 16 times when he wasn't close to an officer. They are just giving themselves a black eye by rioting over the Brown case instead.

    • @Anno_Domini It's true that there are other cases that are more black and white (I guess maybe that was a pun? Who knows? Pardon it anyway :P ) but that doesn't mean that this case can just be ignored or that they shouldn't use it. It's important and as long as there are people who defend Wilson and say it was okay for him to murder a child when there's so much conflicting evidence but what ultimately was the result was that a young boy who barely got to experience life at all was murdered in the streets over a crime that a lot of evidence suggests he didn't commit and that the officer didn't attempt investigate beforehand, and try to blame Michael Brown for what happened, then it deserves to be rioted over.

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  • Mix and match.

    Zimmerman wasn't a cop so you can't say police brutality, but whether or not Trayvon was actually a "thug" is debatable.

    Michael Brown was a thug who had it coming.

    Eric Garner was blatant police brutality.

  • Anyone who says michael brown had it coming should realize that he was shot in the back,
    A Severe violation of police procedure, and every cop I know says that the officer who killed him should have been fired then prosecuted for murder
    Trayvon wasn't involved in a police shooting though, that was a private citizen

    • According to who or what? The autopsies, including the ones ordered by his family, showed that he was charging Wilson when he was shot.

  • I'm not sure about Brown's case, but Martin and Garner were without a doubt victims of murder (Martin was not a victim of police brutality).

  • While the cops potentially overdid it all 3 of them messed up beforehand big time and thus playing russian roulette with their health.

  • Treyvon martin is a bit of a grey area, the rest are clear

  • Definite police brutality, no question. Black people aren't the only ones affected by murderous police.

    • Black people are more often the victims of Black on Black crime/murder, but no one from the Black community wants to address that.

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    • I fully support indicting cops who deserve it. I simply don't feel that it was warranted in the Brown case. That cop who shot the kid on the highway deserves to be charged. The cop who shot the man in the car at point blank range deserves to be charged.

    • Hurry up. Bill O'Reilly has a lollipop under his desk all for you.