Why do Americans love peanut butter so much?

Yeah I know not EVERY American love it and I also know there are some non Americans who love it, but it seems like it's so common in the US and that a lot of people there love it soo much. You have it on sandwiches, in a lot of your candy etc. Why? We have peanut butter here too but not a lot of people like it and it's not a common thing for people to buy. Non of our chocolate bars have any peanut butter in them either, probably because people don't like it and wouldn't buy them enough.


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  • Peanuts are legumes also known as nitrogen fixers. What this means is that a crop of peanuts consumes atmospheric oxygen and in so doing, restores nitrogen to the soil. This helps cropland recover from nitrogen demanding crops such as cotton.

    Peanuts were historically planted in rotation with cotton for exactly this reason. The problem, cotton paid well but peanuts did not. A multi pronged approach to increasing the demand for peanuts was put into place. Among these were:

    - the development of industrial uses for peanuts
    - crop subsidies for peanut production
    - subsidies for consumption of peanut butter by public schools low income individuals

    That last point takes the form of the WIC program (Women Infants Children). This program encourages good prenatal and early childhood nutrition by providing protein rich foods as well as fruits and vegetables at no cost to pregnant women and young children of modest income.

    Among these protein rich foods is... peanut butter. When millions of children are provided peanut butter at no cost, and when millions more receive peanut butter as a component of school lunches and when peanut butter is consumed like this for decades, the population as a whole gets a taste for the stuff.

    In summary:

    Repair crop damaged soil ➡stabilize farm income ➡ subsidize early childhood nutrition ➡ (almost) everybody ❤ peanut butter in the USA


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  • I wanted to try it once because I heard about it from American Tv shows and movies a lot, I was disappointed :x


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  • For me, it's just something I have on toast, but Americans seem to mix it with everything :p


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  • Bc peanut butter makes them slim😂😂😂

  • I have no answer for this since I don't really like peanut butter.