My last day of work is this week, should I ask for my coworkers number even though he has a (recent) gf?

So for the past year, I've really liked my coworker. He's a bit older than me, and higher up in the company, so I haven't really made a move or anything because of the potential repercussions.

but I got a new job and my last day at my current one is this week.

The thing is, I've felt that he likes me too. He stares at me all the time, and has blatantly flirted with me. When I started dating this other guy a year ago (around Christmas last year), my coworker was asking about him all the time and was so curious about our relationship. He wanted to know when and where we were going on dates, what our plans were for Valentine's Day, what the guy was like (if he had a job etc). When I ended things with the other guy, my coworker asked me if I was playing hard to get and I told him that I just prefer being single. This is where I believe I went wrong because I wonder if he would have asked me out if he thought I would reciprocate...

but since then, the staring has continued, and he still asks me about guys that he sees me talking to (in a teasing way). One time I was helping a coworker with something and he said to me, "that was nice of you..." And it was blatantly flirtatious (his tone, the way he said it)..

now im confused because last week we had a holiday party and he brought his new girlfriend? And was introducing her to everyone.

But I wonder if I should take a shot given the information I have that point towards him liking me. What do you think? Should I ask him out and take a risk, since it's my last day this week?


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  • Definitely not. Give him yours instead.


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  • Of course you should... Just let him clearly know you want to peruse a relationship not just have drinks as friends...


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  • If he still has a girlfriend then he shouldn't be flirting with you, and he will do the same thing to you if you became his girlfriend. If he's not in a relationship, then yeah, why not?

  • Yes, totally! Go for it! :)


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