What kind of hugs do you like?

Stong, Passioante hugs?

What kind of hugs do you like?Firm Hugs?

Weak hugs?

Loner hugs?

(I like Strong, Passionate hugs.)

  • Strong, passionate hugs!
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  • Firm Hugs.
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  • Weak Hugs...
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  • Loner Hugs :(
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  • I don't like hugs >:(
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Strong passionate hugs are the best it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside but as much as I like those I love receiving hugs from behind even more. There's nothing better than a guy seeking up behind wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on mines or kissing me on my neck 😊

    • You sound just like my best friend, Kayley. She loves those types of hugs too.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Another fckboy. What kind of guy would spend this much time making a question about hugs with a bunch of faggy emojis? Srs? No bro I don't give hugs lol

    • LOL just looked at this guys profile. Fucking twink dude. You and your fcking estrogen chin.

    • You can think what you want. It was my idea for the question bro.

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  • The US in Justin, in the last gif isn't moving and it's distracting me.
    I like romantic hugs that last like 2 hours