What to do? Please help, I want someone in my life. I feel lonely and helpless?

I don't get along with my parents, grandmother and all, I can't stand my brother and more. In short I don't get along with my family. But like I have to stay with them for like 1 and a half year with them cause of my college. Then I told them also I am going to shift to another house, to stay independently. Like in the start they will have to pay the rent for a bit and then I will give it to them back as I am stable. I have also not had any boyfriends cause I was really fat, but now I am medium sized. I have to be fit for my career. Anyways and my best friend is also busy with her sisters destination wedding, which I can't go to cause my parents aren't allowing and I have exams. I hate my college, cause I anyways didn't want to study further, I just wanted to do till 12th grade as I want to pursue a career in acting in films (Bollywood). But for them I am doing under grads, I will be done with it in like 18 months. The problem is my family and mostly my parents and my brother, they rarely allow me to go out and it's like I am in house arrest. Is it too bad to not like your own family, cause I don't really get along. The thinking is totally different, I am an open minded person, they aren't. They also try to change my mind about changing my career. The only thing I am living for is acting in Bollywood films, it's my life. Nothing is more important than that. I want a boyfriend, I want someone. I need a path to go to, it's like I am lost I feel cause of this family. They are stoping me. I won't let that happen after I am done with this college, cause right now I am staying under their roof.

Someone please help?


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  • the only one who can help is you. take control of your life and stop letting the bad things get you down. also why can't you leave home if thats making you so unhappy. i left at 16 and still went to college


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  • What do you want me to tell you? How to get along with your parents or how to get a boyfriend? To be honest those are personal questions that only you can answer.