Which would you rather catch your dog doing in your room?

Lets say you get a new dog, you know nothing about the dog but hes/shes sneaky.

You leave him at home for 15 minutes and you come back, which would you rather catch him/her doing.

Which would you rather catch your dog doing in your room?

'(Remember which one would you rather catch him doing)

  • Looking at you very suspiciously, like in the picture. But you have no idea what he's done.
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  • Pooping all over your bed.
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  • Humping your pillows.
    40% (4)38% (3)39% (7)Vote
  • With your now broken phone in his mouth.
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  • with a human hand in his mouth.
    10% (1)0% (0)6% (1)Vote
  • peeing in the vents, so the whole house smells like pee
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  • results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Pillow cases are cheap to replace, and I'm not taking any chances with that suspicious looking mf-er. That dog would be right out the door looking like that until I found out what he/she did.

    • rigghhttttttttt xDDDDD if i saw my dog looking at me like that hed be put out for a minute lol..

Most Helpful Guy

  • If my dog looked at me like that, id freakin love him... He could do whatever he wants... I almost said human hand, cuz then i would at least know he's a good attack dog!!

    • this is true..
      but whos hand is it.. could be yours.. you just didn't notice lol..
      and yeah the stares pretty human;y.. and creepy

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  • Humping my pillow's lol.

    • id throw my whole pillow away