Will she call me back?

I had a call from a recruiter from a hospital, which where I always wanted to work, but I was not available when she called. She left a voicemail and left her information so I can call back, every time I called back it sends me straight to voicemail. I left 2 messages already nothing yet. Will she called me back?


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  • given that its the holidays with people doing odd shift patterns and that the phone would be a work only phone i dont think i would be worrying but if you leave anymore messages she may see you as a little desperate. same rules as dating im afraid so just be patient


What Girls Said 1

  • She might call you back and just be busy at the current moment. I wouldn't call anymore, though. You'll come off as desperate with a bunch of calls and messages in a short time frame. Give it a few more days. If she doesn't call back, she's probably not interested.