If a girl is shown her crush at aged three, will she by shy and blush?

Do kids even know what crushes are? And is it kind of creepy if the crush is on a full-grown man not another three year old boy?


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  • Yeah little kids can have crushes. It's actually called puppy love. It's actually pretty common for kids to experience even if it is towards an adult or someone their own age. Being shy and blushing are signs of this happening. It's actually good for them since it is them learning about the basics of attraction and love. Such as the feeling they will experience when they have attraction toward someone (not in a physical way but an emotional way). As well as physical signs they may show when they are attracted to someone so they can better hide or express these feelings if need be. It's really harmless crushes at that age since it isn't like they know of any form of intimacy or relationships at that age. Just them learning the basics of love and attraction by projecting onto someone they think is nice and cool to them.

  • Probably not and every little girl has a crush on a older guy

    • lol I've been a little girl, and I've never had a crush on an older guy, as far as I can remember.

      I mean 6-7 years older at most, sure. But a full-grown man, never.

  • Creepy question...


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