I got called special what do I do?

I am Emily. I have a friend who is a boy and he has told me that I mean a lot to him an that I am special to him now I don't know what to do or say... he don't love me and I don't love me due to past happenings but I'm just not sure what to think...


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  • You don't have to think anything. I just hope the poor fool snaps out of it!!


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  • I think he really likes you as his friend and you are special to him because you both have a deep connection. He doesn't need to love you to think that you are special. He just cares about you as his friend to show you that you are perfect the way you are and you shouldn't worry about the past. It's done and over and you can't change that... You can live in the present though and determine a beautiful future.
    Also, the reason he says you are special is because you have something no one else he knows has and thus it makes you unique.
    Don't get fed up about it... It's just a nice compliment from a friend :)

  • Well it sounds like he thinks highly of you so just keep being you, your special self.