How do you feel about using the bathroom in front of the opposite sex?

Are you confident and comfortable using the bathroom with the opposite gender?

Be it peeing, having a bath or shower etc


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  • I'm totally fine with it, I've done it before all though my ex was slightly weird about it, I told him he could stay whilst brushing his teeth and he never did lol.

    • Some people are strange and not open and get shy/embarrassed about it when they isn't anything wrong with it.

  • yeah pretty comfortable!

    • it's no big deal really is it.

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    • I don't care who it is as you say we all know what each other looks like

    • haha Pretty much...

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  • Are you talking about ANY person from the opposite sex (for example strangers) or my SO?

    • Well, with my girlfriend I feel quite comfortable. We walk around the house naked sometimes and it's no problem. I actually enjoy it quite a lot. We also pee when the other person is in the bathroom but only if the other person is showering. It's not that I get embarrassed, I actually believe it shouldn't be a big deal. But for some reason, I can't pee when someone is watching me. I also can't pee in public bathrooms next to other guys (I have to go into a stall). I've tried it many, many times and it just doesn't work. I would just stand there... 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30... one minute, two minutes... even if I feel like my bladder is almost exploding, nothing comes out. Peeing in front of other people just doesn't work for me (I don't mind other people peeing in front of me though).
      As for nudity, I'm very easy going. I guess it would depend a bit on the specifics of the situation but generally speaking I wouldn't have a problem being naked in front of a girl I don't know.

  • As someone who is already all over the internet. I wouldn't care at all.