My ex has got a new girlfriend but he seems to be turning into a dick he's gunna end up with no friends and I'm worried should I give him advice?

I broke up with him he seemed pretty hurt ignored me for months still does unless I initiate it. He's got a new girlfriend (year younger not friends with any of us don't really know her to be fair) a month later that was about three weeks ago now. We share the same friends and they tell me he's kinda being a dick ( as in only wants to hang out with new girlfriend and not his other friends missing birthdays lots of events) and none of them seem to understand that there's obvs something else up and this isn't like him ( he tends to bury his feelings only to find they still surface) so... do I message him with advice or not I'm a pieces and can't stand the idea that he doing this to himself. Id love for his girlfriend to help him but think that would be weird if I ask so basically do I give him advice or leave it and suffer restless nights?


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  • He is your ex. That means that you leave him alone, you learn your lessons from this experience and put it in perspective, and then you move on with your life. You cannot help him; all you can do is foolishly hold on to some hope that he will return to you and prolong your misery.


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  • Leave it. He's not your responsibility and probably won't listen to you anyway. You need to get over him.

  • You mean he's acting like a dick to his old friends?

    • Yeh both girls and guys

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    • Well, I think you're right so hmm 👍 but I'm not really sure why he would drop his friends either?

    • Me neither psychology telling me if he spends all his time with her he won't lose her like he lost me but that just sound like I value myself lots or something 😄Only say that cause when we were together we didn't spend much time together out of school he was only a bus ride away ( to be fair it was about 45 mins) but I'm lazy and stingy wow I sound like a great person 😂😂